Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Dogs

Got two new additions to the household. They've been here around four months now (where did that go!). Despite being father and daughter, they're very different characters.

Being much younger than the last dog, they're fast. Really fast. Which makes photographing them much more of a challenge. This is shot at 1/1000th of a second on a sunny day, and has frozen Daisy quite well. The tongue is just a bit of luck, but adds a bit of fun to the picture.

This is at 1/1600th. Despite it being a sunny day, the ISO is at 1250 in order to use an aperture of F6.3. Any smaller than that, and there's next to no chance of them being properly in focus.

Trying to photograph a running dog is really hard. These were done while my wife played ball, and I stood to the side to photograph them. There's no way you can throw a ball and try to shoot them while they fetch it.

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